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Our Training Programs

Dedicated to changing the lives of people and their K-9 for the better. We provide fun Stay & Train programs that gives the owner and K-9 a healthy relationship. The tools we provide give you the chance to communicate with your dog and foster trust in each other. Working mainly with household pets, we offer you and your pet an exceptional level of obedience, which allows you to bring them anywhere and everywhere with you, hassle-free. What we enjoy most is seeing dogs that have spent their whole life on a leash, now being able to be free outside even with distractions without the use of a leash! We thrive off of seeing the joy in both the dogs’ and the owners’ faces when they have mastered a new command without the restriction of a leash.

14 DAY
Board & Train with Lifetime Refreshers

Accepting pups early as 5 months old

  • 2 Weeks of Immersive Training

  • Dog will board with me

  • 6 Guaranteed Commands

  • Come (dog recalls on command)

  • Sit (with duration)

  • Down (with duration)

  • Place (your dog will place himself on a platform)

  • Heeling (on and off leash)

  • Off command (stops unwanted behaviors)

  • Handling multiple distractions in multiple environments

  • Greeting Manners - door manners

  • Includes e-collar

  • ****Dogs with Aggressive behaviors will be evaluated and do not include off leash Guarantees. Each Case Varies and will be discussed prior to acceptance into the program.

After completion, owner will receive a 2 hour one-on-one session to detail everything their dog does, and how to properly handle them.

Cost $2,420

7 Day

Board & Train (Ecollar included). 

• “Come”

• “Sit” “Extended sit” (dog will hold a sit until released)

• “Down” "Extended Down"

• “Place” “Extended Place”

(Jump up on any object and stay there until released)

• Off (Stop Doing What You're Doing)

• “Door manners” (dog holds a sit while you enter and exit your front door)

• Loose Leash heeling/walking by your side (dog will walk by your side on a loose leash)


***This program is not for dogs  with behavioral issues such as anxiety, types of reactivity, or aggression should be enrolled in our 2 Week program.

Cost $1,450

Basic Obedience Program
4 Week Program
  • 4 Private Lessons

  •  “Come,” “Sit,”

  •  “Down”

  • Place

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Off (Stop Doing What You're Doing)

  • Includes e-collar and 15-ft. leash

Lessons are private one on one. You the owner must be present at each lesson and prepared to implement what is taught, daily for at least 45 min a day between each training session.

Cost $650

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