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Dedicated to changing the lives of people and their K-9 for the better. We provide fun Stay & Train programs that gives the owner and K-9 a healthy relationship. The tools we provide give you the chance to communicate with your dog and foster trust in each other. Working mainly with household pets, we offer you and your pet an exceptional level of obedience, which allows you to bring them anywhere and everywhere with you, hassle-free. 

Available training certifications for your K-9
Client Testimonials

Yazah H. 

Hiring APEX K-9 Training was the best thing I could have done. Their trainer, Jordan, transformed my 1 year old GSD. When we adopted out dog, she was not leash trained and we had few obedience issues. Jordan reached out to me in minutes. Walked me through the process, and sent me previous dogs he trained. The next day, he came and picked up Astro from house. He sent me daily updates, pictures, and videos. Training her in places I would take her. Home Depost, Lowe's, and Pet Smart. After two weeks, the dog he gave back to me was the perfect dog. My wife, son or I can walk her because not only did he train Astro, he spent a couple of hours with us to set us up for success. I would high ly recommend Jordan.

Jackie A.

I can't say enough good things about Jordan! We rescued our dog Kai, and knew he had some issues, but we didn't have the experience to help him deal with his fear of people and aggression issues. Kai did the 2 week board and train, and he is a changed dog! We are still learning how to keep his training up, but is an amazing transformation. When people would come into our house he would just bark nonstop and hide. There was no way he'd let anyone get near him. We have had a couple of people come over, and within minutes he was letting them pet him and licking their hands and not running and hiding or barking. He is not barking at the neighbors from behind the fence anymore! Not to mention he heels during walks and a few other things. Jordan also helped my neighbor's dog as well. If you are considering this program, do it! It is well worth it. Thank you Jordan from the bottom of our hearts!

Asli S.

Our 1 year old rambunctious lab spent 2 weeks training with Jordan and he came home a changed dog. He no longer pulls on his leash during walks and doesn't chase cars. He responds to our commands so well that we are able to take him many of the places we go. We are so grateful we found Jordan!

Dog Trainer

Jordan Eris Caba

North Carolina

(984) 733 - 3163

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